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Here we are at thirty weeks into the pregnancy & chugging along. Pictures taken by yours truly, QLP, because why not!? And since the Oregon sun rises at 5:30am, we pried ourselves from our nice, warm bed at 4:00am to make it to the Gorge- just in time to witness the magic. And how breathtaking it was indeed!

Thank you, love, for setting up the tripod and running into the pose within our 10 second window. We really do need to find our camera remotes!

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This stud muffin is now 5 months old and growing like a weed! My sisters and Ethan came over this weekend for some serious wedding planning. In between a fabulous cake taste testing and discussions of bridesmaids dresses, I was able to catch some alone time with little man and his momma. Look at those Michelin rolls!

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