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Magic is not hard to find in the desert. In fact, any living organism able to survive desert hardships should be applauded with a standing ovation. But finding color in the desert- now that is an extreme rarity! With dusty yellow mountains as far as the eye can see, artist Ugo Rondinone broke the Sierra scape with seven of his own abstract Magic Mountains. The magic in this contrast is like water to the parched tongue. We might not have known how much we needed it, but these vibrant colors represent a reformed connection between us and the many dusty miles ahead.

Magic Mountains edited 2

Magic Mountains edited 5

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I have been photographing this little family for the past 3 years (2013 & 2014) and I love seeing them grow; grow up and more in love. The Kuo’s came to Vegas this year and we all got to play in the desert. Apart from running out of snacks to bribe the kids with, sand-eating-incidents, and dramatic tantrum flops, we managed to sneak in a few good ones.









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In the midst of the holiday hustle and bustle, it has been such a refreshing break to meet up with our dear friends, Jennie and Zane, for an autumn session. They also brought their adopted greyhound, Finley, who is quite the model himself! Jennie and Zane spend much of their free time pouring into the lives of others by leading bible study groups and volunteering at church. We are honored to count them as our friends!

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This Armenian wedding simply took our breath away! Driving up to the house, you would never expect to find such a piece of paradise tucked away in the backyard. Melody’s father opened up his home for such a joyous occasion and we are so happy to be a little part of such a big day!

While hanging out with the ladies before the wedding, Melody recounts memories of growing up in this home. We laughed when she told us that Corey used to sneak in through her window when they were younger so they could be together. It’s so wonderful seeing this relationship come full circle from where so many past memories were kindled!

Melody & Corey- you two are such kind hearted people and we loved being your photographers! We wish you much love and happiness! (p.s.: We’re still dreaming about the food!)

e_Quotelife_Las Vegas_Wedding Photography_19

Ceremony Venue: Father of the Bride’s house
Hair & Make-up Artist: Perfect Hair and Make-up
Caterer: Hedary’s Mediterranean
Videographer: A & A Weddings
Officiant: Father Nareg Matarian {Armenian Apostolic Church of Las Vegas}
DJ: Sean Chiang
Florist: Seasons Floral
Cake: Freed’s Bakery

e_Quotelife_Las Vegas_Wedding Photography_14

e_Quotelife_Las Vegas_Wedding Photography_20

e_Quotelife_Las Vegas_Wedding Photography_3

e_Quotelife_Las Vegas_Wedding Photography_23

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e_Quotelife_Las Vegas_Wedding Photography_6

e_Quotelife_Las Vegas_Wedding Photography_2

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e_Quotelife_Las Vegas_Wedding Photography_9

e_Quotelife_Las Vegas_Wedding Photography_8

e_Quotelife_Las Vegas_Wedding Photography_10

e_Quotelife_Las Vegas_Wedding Photography_12

e_Quotelife_Las Vegas_Wedding Photography_18

e_Quotelife_Las Vegas_Wedding Photography_13

e_Quotelife_Las Vegas_Wedding Photography_21

e_Quotelife_Las Vegas_Wedding Photography_15

e_Quotelife_Las Vegas_Wedding Photography_17

e_Quotelife_Las Vegas_Wedding Photography_22

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This white wedding was magical; not only did the entire bridal party wear white, but so did all the guests! This beautiful couple from Arizona decided to tie the knot Vegas-style and we are so excited for them! Sherrisa & Darrin are clearly in love and were such a joy to be around. It was beautiful seeing this sweet couple surrounded by loved ones who came out to our fair city to see them get hitched.

Sherrisa & Darrin- thank you for including us in your celebration! We wish you two the best in your future together!


Ceremony Venue: Wedgewood Wedding & Banquet Centerr
Wedding Planners: Megan Bootz & Kendall Martin at Wedgewood
Caterer: Wedgewood Catering
Videographer: Vegas Wedding Videos
Officiant: Wanda Tracy
DJ: DJ Murphy at Wedgewood
Florist: The Palette
Cake: Freeds Bakery




















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