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Thank you, lovely Jackson’s, for waking up super early and letting us photograph your adorable family. Jake was such a trooper with handling this Vegas summer heat and hiking in sandals! We loved seeing how much joy you give each other and are grateful to be able to capture this moment with you. Cheers to many more years of happiness together!

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I have been photographing this little family for the past 3 years (2013 & 2014) and I love seeing them grow; grow up and more in love. The Kuo’s came to Vegas this year and we all got to play in the desert. Apart from running out of snacks to bribe the kids with, sand-eating-incidents, and dramatic tantrum flops, we managed to sneak in a few good ones.









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In the midst of the holiday hustle and bustle, it has been such a refreshing break to meet up with our dear friends, Jennie and Zane, for an autumn session. They also brought their adopted greyhound, Finley, who is quite the model himself! Jennie and Zane spend much of their free time pouring into the lives of others by leading bible study groups and volunteering at church. We are honored to count them as our friends!

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There is little else I would rather do than spend all my time playing and cuddling with my nephews. They are so irresistibly cute, you just want to squeeze them until they pop (is that morbid?). I wish we lived closer together so I can see this beautiful family grow-up. Rest assured, we are sending buckets of love from Vegas!





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I spent my last weekend in NC with the family in Asheville. Nothing beats the Carolina mountains, this beautiful fall weather, and good company! Since I promised my lovely sister these photos before my westward trek, I’m squeezing in this post right before I pack away my desktop. Isn’t my nephew SO CUTE?! See you in Vegas!

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