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For a lovely 7 days, our journey diverted our Taiwan travels southwest to the beautiful, heartbreaking kingdom of Thailand. We really appreciate the people we met on our trip and we still reflect upon our conversations. There were many personal observations and deep insight from other travelers that really magnified the disparity of issues such as their poor education system, human trafficking, sexual abuse, animal abuse..the list goes on. But through all the hardships thrown inevitably onto the people, there was also such unspeakable beauty in the people, land, and culture. So instead of despairing over what we can or cannot do, we choose to celebrate by thoroughly enjoying and appreciating all that this kingdom had to offer. Thailand- thank you for sharing your paradise with us!

Our journey started at the Secret Garden in Chiang Mai. Just as the name suggests, this bed-and-breakfast was a hidden gem just a songthaew ride away from the city. From the Garden, we went to play with elephants, get fish therapy, get massages, and shop the lively night markets.

We spent the day as “mahouts” in training.

Per our mahout- this is the elephant 7-eleven! They loved all the bananas and sugar canes we fed them!

We ate our yummy home cooked lunch while the elephants ate their afternoon snack.

We flew to Bangkok for a brief 22 hours & lived it up at the Mandarin Oriental. Since the hotel was so awesome, we never left. They even had a dress code for the lobby and other public areas in the hotel. We love a good reason to get dressed up!

Our last leg of the journey was a plane, boat, and car ride away from Bangkok. The beautiful Pimalai was tucked away on Koh Lanta and we’re afraid words can’t do this place justice!

I taught Phil to be an awesome photographer so he can take awesome pictures of me!

Husbands are good for shopping bags, travel bags- any bags, really!

Our new friend!

We biked to the local village from the resort in order to see these little critters. A lovely shop owner gave us a bunch of bananas to feed them!

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Our 3 week honeymoon started in Taiwan- the motherland. It has been many years since our last return and we were long overdue for another visit. From Taipei, to Sun Moon Lake, to Kaohsiung, to YiLan, to Jiufen- Mom & Dad Su gave us the royal tour themselves. Our journey allowed us to travel the island, rekindle old friendships, and finally talk to distant relatives face-to-face. We got affirmation that we married into families full of Care Bears- we win!  Oh the joy of having an extended family, making new friends, learning, traveling, and playing harder than we’ve ever worked! Best of all, we are so proud of our weight gain (a lovely cumulative of 8 pounds). We hopped from food stand to food stand and blissfully ate our vacation days away, denying our bellies nothing.

On the flip side of sheer fun, our bodies were human buffets for Asia’s most wretched black mosquitoes. I have over 140 bites on the arms and legs even after long sleeves and half a bottle of Deet 95. You don’t quite feel your honeymoon best with layers of sunscreen, bug spray, cortizone (or some Asian variation thereof), long sleeves, pants, and the deathly humidity that only the beautiful tropics can offer. We were walking vats of unpleasant chemical mixtures and the intense itch from mosquito bites made for many restless nights.

Regardless, we never missed an opportunity to fill up our memory cards (you should know- we really love what we do). We hope that these can inspire the wanderer in you!

Sun Moon Lake was our first stop. We naively danced around in shorts and tees and got absolutely annihilated by mosquitoes. Lesson learned! This lake was absolutely gorgeous, especially during golden hour.

Pretty birds, huh? Then let’s not go into detail on how we saw one peck the other to death.

Auntie Linda & Uncle Daniel treated us to a fabulous getaway in YiLan. We got to stay in a killer hotel that overlooked the city and enjoy everything this fishing town had to offer.

Artist Florentijn Hofman’s lovely duck was touring the island during our visit. While we were in Kaohsiung, we had the honor to see it in person! We think it’s safe to say that the Taiwanese are utterly and completely obsessed with this ginormous rubber ducky (and also with the Minions from Despicable Me). They had vendors all over the island selling rubber ducky (and Minion) paraphernalia.

Our last stop was at Jiufen, the infamous coal/gold miners town in northern Taipei, now famous for a wonderful alleyway market. It was pouring rain while we were there so we ducked into a tea room to soak in the views.

We are so thankful for such a memorable visit and the people who made it possible! Thank you to everyone who came to our wedding receptions and showed us so much love!

Stay tuned! We cannot wait to show you our Thailand adventures!

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