There are several reasons why we love this time of year. What a perfect season to just straight chill with family, celebrate 3 birthdays and the parents’ anniversary, watch Elf and A Christmas Story 10 times each, drive around the neighborhood looking at Christmas lights, gorge on lots of yummy food, and enjoy the sparkly New Year.

This year has been amazing in every way. Clients, friends, and wonderful fans- we tell you this repeatedly: you are the heartbeat of our little business!  With every facebook ‘like’ to every page view to every booking, you make our hearts leap with gratitude (no joke)! Thank you for believing in and growing with us. As we wrap up a wedding filled 2013, we are hopeful that the new year will bring just as much joy and love.

We hope you have a beautiful Christmas and a happy New Year filled with friends, family, thanksgiving & laughter! Stay warm!


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