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Magic is not hard to find in the desert. In fact, any living organism able to survive desert hardships should be applauded with a standing ovation. But finding color in the desert- now that is an extreme rarity! With dusty yellow mountains as far as the eye can see, artist Ugo Rondinone broke the Sierra scape with seven of his own abstract Magic Mountains. The magic in this contrast is like water to the parched tongue. We might not have known how much we needed it, but these vibrant colors represent a reformed connection between us and the many dusty miles ahead.

Magic Mountains edited 2

Magic Mountains edited 5

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Arizona Hot Springs is a magical place 45 minutes away from the heart of Vegas. This hike is, by far, my favorite retreat this area has to offer. Whether you choose to hike to the hot springs or arrive via the Colorado river, the journey itself is a cleansing one. While it is a popular hike, there are still plenty of unexplored pockets around every bend.

Phil and I hiked this route twice before committing to a tent-less night alongside other wild souls. We spotted all the constellations we knew (all 2 of them) while sitting fireside among good company. The best part was being able to greet the mountains at the first break of dawn.

We really hope that the wind blows you this way on your next adventure. You will surely fall in love with this place!

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Twenty fifteen was a beautiful year. For the first time in a long time, I actually succeeded at keeping my resolution(s) a priority.

As determined near the end of last year, I resolved to create monthly goals that would challenge me mentally, physically, and spiritually. I choose instagram as a visual journal to account for my progress under #2015suresolutions. For friends who have braved through every yoga, food, and workout picture- I thank you for your encouragement and love. Though my audience was a humbling handful of wonderful people, I loved that you were able to journey with me. Thank you for being on the other side! Life would be so dull without you!

I hope 2015 gave you much progress and hope. Cheers to the new year!

2015 Su Resolutions

January: daily meditation; yoga everyday

February: limit processed food intake to 200 calories everyday

March: begin training for a half marathon in September

April: gelato everyday in Italy

May: practice compassion everyday

June: buy an alarm clock; no phone in the bedroom

July: do not purchase anything new that is not considered a necessity

August: stop using ‘sorry’ as a filler word

September: run my entire first half marathon

October: improvement in time on my 2nd half marathon

November: stop fretting the numbers & feedback on social media

December: live beautifully, discretely. enjoy moments without documenting them

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part three of three


Istanbul  •  Part 1  •  Part II


I drew the most joy from Venice during my early morning runs. Passing by rows of sleeping gondolas while hearing the San Marco Campanile chime made me feel like I had the whole city to myself. This place starts its daily hustle fairly early bringing in boat loads of visitors from every corner. While Venice is clearly a huge tourist trap, it is definitely one worth experiencing.

Thank you for reliving all 4 parts of this adventure with Kinjal and me! I did make a conscious effort on this trip to disassociate myself from the camera and truly enjoy the moment.  I also gave myself no guilt in my carb cravings or gelato binges. It was hard to let go of old habits at first- but then it became so freeing. L’amore tutto intorno!











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part two of three


Istanbul  •  Part I


Lake Como was worth the detour. We did a tour from Milan and spent the day in the town of Como & Bellagio. As a Las Vegan, I can see where our Bellagio hotel drew inspiration from this quaint Lombardy town. I’ll have you know that the real town is so much better than the desert version! On our ferry ride from Como to Bellagio, we passed by dreamy villas by the lake. For all Star Wars fans, the villa pictured above is where Skywalker and Amidala got married. Since we’re talking Hollywood, I’ll also throw out the fact that we zoomed past Clooney’s villa as well.

Once our boat hit the docks of Bellagio, we followed our hunger to a restaurant situated at the best waterfront spot in town. We spent the best of the day soaking in Italian pasta, wine, and sunshine.






 The past came to life in Rome. The ruins, the pick pockets, and the crowds were some of Rome’s signature experiences. Though neither of us fell victim to Rome’s skilled thieves, a woman on our Vatican tour got her camera stolen right in front of St. Peter. Apart from clutching our belongings till our knuckles went white, we were able to stuff our faces with plenty of cheesy pizzas. We also hit up a handful of the must-see, overly-crowded touristy spots!










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